The Bach Project – E Major Partita

Here’s the 3rd Partita ready to go! I realized that in my last post I forgot to explain how exactly I’m doing this. So keep reading if you’d like to find out! (or for a non-Flash player)

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Obviously I don’t have the resources to make a professional recording. That requires a studio, an engineer, and a producer. So a lot of money. So I did this as simply as I could: I noticed that one of the classrooms at a school I work at has really good acoustics so I figured – why not use it instead of a studio?A 7 year old laptop and a (pretty good!) microphone I borrowed from my brother-in-law, and there you have it! My own recording studio, with me acting as all the violinist, recording engineer and the producer. (not an easy task, let me tell you!)Some people have asked me if I was going to put these recording for sale on iTunes or something similar. No way. These recordings are not of professional quality neither in the quality of recording nor the actual performance. I had about two and a half hours to record the entire partita, and needless to say I don’t have the capacity to edit it every two bars, like it’s often done with professional recordings. So the movements are all mostly “one take” or maybe two takes with a cut between large sections. And yes, there is stuff that’s out of tune (in case you didn’t notice!), but that’s the best I could do at the time. The way I see it: I’m keeping it real, and this is really how I sound (on a good day). And I’m still trying to get better! Otherwise, with all the technological advances how far can you go with editing and still claim that’s how you really sound?
 (non Flash .mp3)
J.S.Bach: Partita for violin solo No. 3 in E major
I. Preludio (.mp3)
II. Loure (.mp3)
III. Gavotte en Rondeau (.mp3)
IV. Menuet I (.mp3)
V. Menuet II (.mp3)
VI. Bouree (.mp3)
VII. Gigue (.mp3) 


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