The Bach Project – A minor Sonata

Half way there! (well, not really if you consider the Chaconne and the C major fugue are yet to be tackled, but a little encouragement never hurt anybody….) This was a hard one, but I think I learned a lot about both playing and recording. So I plan to do way better with the next one (just for the record). Keep reading for some observations and to find out what (I think!) I learned. (or for a non-Flash player)

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So what have I learned? Something I already knew – playing REALLY in tune is REALLY hard. Especially in a fugue. I feel I’ve been chasing the holy grail trying to actually play perfectly in tune. It has gotten better I think, but is it good enough? Probably not, so back to the drawing board! (or should I say “practicing board”?) On the plus side, I think that all this trying to play in tune puts me at a lower risk for developing dementia and Alzheimer’s….. (non Flash .mp3)
J.S.Bach: Sonata for violin solo No.2 in a minor
I. Grave (.mp3)
II. Fugue (.mp3)
III. Andante (.mp3)
IV. Allegro (.mp3)

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