The Bach Project – D minor Partita

Here we go – New Year, new recording! For me at least. Actually I recorded this on December 3rd of last year, but with all the craziness I’ve just had time to listen to the recordings and post them here. Keep reading for some observations on this one. (or for a non-Flash player)

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

So it does seem more in tune than the last one I have to say – either I’m getting better at it, or this one was easier. Guess we’ll find out when I record the next one. I do have to say that while years ago it was driving me crazy that no matter how well you play there is always SO MUCH MORE you could do, now I don’t mind it so much. Keeps life interesting. Imagine if you couldn’t do any better. You’d get bored pretty soon! (non Flash .mp3)
J.S.Bach: Partita for violin solo No.2 in d minor
I. Allemande (.mp3)
II. Corrente (.mp3)
III. Sarabande (.mp3)
IV. Gigue (.mp3)
V. Chaconne (.mp3)

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