RCM Gold Medal

Joanne Park, 11, wins the 2013 Gold Medal for Grade 6 Violin in British Columbia. Way to go Joanne!
(Gold Medals are awarded each academic year, September 1 to August 31, by province or region, to candidates who have obtained the highest mark for practical examinations in each discipline, from the Preparatory Level through to the ARCT Level.)



Lhotka: Harvester’s Song

Here’s a cool Croatian piece I played with a good friend of mine Srdjan Caldarovic on the piano.


More Prokofiev!

Guess I’m becoming quite a fan of Prokofiev! Here’s 4th Movement of his 2nd Sonata in D major. New recording in an old-fashioned style. February 26th, 2012 with Juan Wang on piano.


Prokofiev f-minor Sonata

Festival Diapason, Prokofiev’s Sonata No.1 in f-minor with Srdjan Caldarovic, piano.
Other movements available on the Video page.


Saint-Saens and Bazzini

September 25, 2011 with Juan Wang playing the piano. (please excuse the crappy home camcorder quality!)