Violin Studio

"He encourages his students to play with confidence, and brings out the best in everyone."
   Charmaine (16)

"Patient, dedicated and professional"
   Lily, mother of Jason (10) and Zenith (11)

"The way he teaches his students and the feeling of accomplishment is amazing."
   Sharon (14)

"He helped me build a strong foundation for violin playing"
   Loan (43)

\".....his teaching sense and methods are top notch\"
  Andy (15)

"Domagoj is not only your teacher, but your friend."
   Derick (16)

Teaching has always been a big passion of mine. Seeing students progress as a result of proper guidance provides me with great satisfaction. I believe that violin is one of the most difficult instruments to master. Therefore, a serious approach is required from both the student and the teacher in order to successfully learn the art of this remarkable instrument. Even at the earliest stages of learning, it is very important to learn all the aspects of technique correctly: due to an extremely unnatural position one has to assume in order to play the violin, even a smallest mistake at the beginning can have disastrous consequences in the later development of a student.

I combine a number of different teaching methods and approaches depending on each student’s individual needs. I believe that each stage of learning the violin has its own unique set of challenges, so it is therefore impossible to use a single method for everybody.

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