Adult Students

Adult Students have a lot in common with the Beginning Students, since most of them have either never played violin, or have played it so long ago they forgot all about it. Therefore, they are going to encounter a lot of very similar problems as the beginners (read the Beginning Students section).

However, there are several very important differences. First of all, with the Beginning Students, it is often the parents that make the decision for the child to start violin lessons, and as a result, the student can lack motivation. With the Adult Students, however, the decision to start (or resume) taking violin lessons is one of their own. Therefore, they already possess great motivation and determination to improve their playing skills. Also, they can keep their concentration for much longer and are able to make logical connections between several aspects of violin playing.

Nevertheless, they encounter a different set of problems. First of all, their bodies are much less flexible then the bodies of young children, so they frequently find just the physical act of playing violin exhausting and their joints and tendons often need some time to adapt to the new tasks expected of them.

Also, people’s schedules often tend to get very hectic and it is sometimes hard to find time and energy to work on such a demanding skill. Thus, I try once again to emphasize the importance of practicing with maximum focus and control, since it enables the student to make progress with a very short amount of daily practice.

At the end, I believe that every Adult Student will find that learning such an amazing instrument is well worth the effort. Since a lot of Adult Students also want for their children to learn an instrument, by taking lessons themselves they will be able to motivate them to a much greater degree. Furthermore, playing violin can provide a much needed healthy escape from the stresses of everyday life, and considering that there are quite a few amateur orchestras in the Vancouver area, Adult Students can eventually become actively involved in music and start performing themselves.